Lets Get Messy!

Mini Messers – No Fuss Messy Play

Explore the world like a child should – touch, taste, smell, then taste again! This is a sensory experience for your child.
Did you know??

  • Messy play is important for young children, giving them endless ways to develop and learn. All types of play are essential for children’s development and early learning.
  • Play, especially sensory: helps children to develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination and concentration
  • It helps them to work cooperatively and collaboratively in a group setting
  • It enables them to use all their senses to discover and explore their environment. It develops their imagination, creative thinking and ability to problem solve &experiment with solutions.

Mini Messers will take the stress out of your day by coming along to our purpose built messy corner and keeps the mess away from your home.

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