Dino Mud Recipe

In July we had a very successful Dinosaur Discovery Workshop with lots and lots of cool stations for the children to explore. This station was one of my favourites as it ticked 4 out of 5 senses #Touch #Taste #Smell # Sight

Dino Mud Recipe:

3 Ingredients:WP_20150713_143

  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Cocoa Powder

In a bucket add 1/4 packet of cornflour. Slowly add water to your desired consistency. The cornflour turns into a cement-like paste. Using a spatula or your hands (you are supposed to get messy right??!!) mix these 2 ingredients. Add more water if you feel its too dry. You can add more cornflour if you think there too much liquid. Add the chocolate cocoa powder. This makes the mud-like appearance as it transforms the cornflour mix brown, and gives it a chocolatey smell, which in turn heightens the sense of smell. Our the mix onto a flat tray, or wide but shallow container, add some dinosaurs and start getting messy and explore this wonderfully easy, sensory delight!

InWP_20150713_1767  conclusion this Dino mud, ticks all the sensory boxes, #sight – it has a brown colour, #smell & #taste – chocolatey, and  #touch – has an amazing sensory texture, hard at first touch, then starts to ooze and melt through your finger tips leaving a soft, silky residue and hardens again on the tray. Enjoy making your dino mud at home!