Galaxy Dough

How to make Galaxy Dough

Galaxy Dough, is just another name for play dough. Play dough is such an easy activity to do at home with your kids ona rainy day! It can be created in minutes once you have the right ingredients, most of which will be in your pantry!!

We created this awesome coloured play dough, renamed Galaxy Dough for our Outer Space themed workshop in May. By adding not only a few different colours of food colouring, glitter and stars in transformed our run of the mill play dough mix into an intergalactic explosion of deep midnight blue sparkling awesomeness!!


To make your Galaxy Dough you will need:

  • 1 cup flour (we used Gluten Free Dove Hill for coeliac)
  • 1 cup water*
  • Black and Blue food colouring*
  • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar
  • 1/3 cup salt
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • Lots and lots of glitter (We used several colors of regular sized and fine glitter to give the play dough a cosmic appearance)

Place 7/8ths of a cup of water and 1/8th cup of mixed food colouring into a pot and heat it up, don’t let it get to boiling point!. Turn down the gas and add the rest of the ingredients, minus the glitter, into the pot and keep on stirring until the mixture becomes sticky. Take it off the heat and keep on mixing until its a stiff consistency. I find using a spatula is best as it takes the dough away nicely from the pot. Scrape the dough onto a worktop and start to knead it with your hands. You will know straight away if the texture and consistency is right. It should move through your hands without leaving a sticky residue. (If it is sticking to your hands you probably need to add a little bit more flour to the dough. Now its time to add the sparkle!! Select 2 or 3 colours of glitter (I used gold, blue and silver) and pour it onto the dough. Continue kneading the glitter through the dough until you feel you have enough.

I added some gold stars to give it an extra dimension.

Store the dough in a ziplock bag or in an airtight container. It should last you a few weeks.(ours barley lasted a workshop as there was a lot of cross contamination with paint and flour and other items that were used when exploring outer space!)

Enjoy making your home-made Galaxy Dough!!

Karen & Orla